No Strings Attached

“Summer is freakin almost over! Ughh, my tan is gonna freakin’ fade!!!”

Not to worry! At The Beach Rocks offers strictly NO CONTRACT monthly tanning now in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and our California Markets!!!! Walk into any Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and California At The Beach Rocks location and get signed up and tan yourself into sexiness with NO LONG-TERM Commitment!!! Tan for a few months to get a freakin tan before your vacation or tan year-round to maintain that bronzed look for all your events you busy beach! It’s up to you!

At The Beach Rocks is excited about this flexible option for our tanners! At The Beach Rocks has tons of locations and convenient hours and now At The Beach Rocks puts you in control of your membership. Now get to your neighborhood At The Beach Rocks in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, California and sign up for that amazing All-Access 360 Unlimited membership and get your tan on, and cancel when you want just with a notice before your next draw date! Now if that isn’t a no strings attached relationship. I don’t know what is.

FML Intern Signs off


 Hey Beaches! At The Beach Rocks’s FML Intern here, and today is my last day so I thought I would take over the blog and post a little blurb about my summer as the FML Intern.

First off FML Intern doesn’t mean what you think FML means, well maybe. Ha-ha no FML means Future Marketing Liaison Intern. I’ve been here in the Denver office learning and creating marketing and media for At The Beach Rocks. Most of you really get to interact with me via the creative work here on the At The Beach Rocks and At The Beach Cares blogs. And you probably thought those blogs were created by the really creative Tanning Guy. Thanks for the flattery but no it’s been me, the FML Intern. I’ve learned a lot from the great leadership that is here At The Beach Rocks from how we create our great advertising to how we offer you, our tanners, the best service, the best beds, and the best color. I think I’ve also taught them a thing or two, mostly about how Iowans are and how Iowans say, “Worsh” instead of “Wash”.  Some of you have also spotted me behind the counter in the Denver area stores but if you didn’t have the pleasure of meeting me, you missed out on a drop-dead gorgeous man helping you get your tan on! My summer here with At The Beach Rocks has been a colorful and eventful summer and I’m 100% sure everyone is gonna miss saying, “Ughhhh, that FML Intern did it again!”

I wish y’all the best and Happy Tanning Beaches!

-FML Intern

Catfish! Lotion Edition


After working in the stores this weekend I kept hearing people say, “I bought this lotion and it doesn’t feel like it’s working anymore.” After examining the product I opened the lotion to smell it, it smelled like Wild Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body. I knew this product was manufactured to have a Champagne smell, I asked the customer where she purchased this product.” Her response, “Somewhere online.” My assumptions were correct; the product had been tampered with and compromised.

This is EXACTLY why you should NEVER buy lotion off the internet. All the lotions that At The Beach carries;  Designer Skin, California Tan, Blend, Jwoww ARE NOT SOLD ONLINE, they are premium products that are for sale ONLY in professional tanning salons and are work best when recommended by trained professional tanning consultants. Would you just go online and buy a random skin care product? No, I love going to see my Estee Lauder consultant and talking about my skin and what I want to see for results, they are trained to know the products and how your skin functions. The same goes for our tanning consultants, they are trained on how your skin tans and the benefits and differences of the each of the products that At The Beach Rocks carries.

This is a statement from the manufacture of Designer Skin, California Tan, Blend, & Jwoww :

                “First we believe our products produce optimum results when chosen and sold by trained tanning salon professionals who best understand clients’ tanning needs and objectives. These salons professionals are trained by our training staff and will ensure that you get the best product suited for your skin type and tanning needs.”

“Second, products which you may find online are many times counterfeit, contaminated, old or expired products that may not be safe to use. We often receive reports from dissatisfied consumers who have purchased products outside of their professional tanning salon, only to find it to be not genuine. Purchasing lotions from your tanning salon ensures that not only your salon, but the manufacturer, stands behind the quality of the product.”

That’s powerful. You yourself is a brand to the world and you stand behind YOUR brand why not stand up for quality, genuine products?  

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Working That Sunless Tan


Fresh spray tans always make me feel like a million dollars but then by day three my spray looks so-so. At The Beach Rocks does not want your sunless tan to end up like this. Most people think that there really isn’t any prep-work or after-care that you need to perform when getting and after a spray tan. This couldn’t be further than the truth.

Before your sunless session you will want to:

1-      Always shave your legs the day or night before you spray. This way you won’t have white spots from where you shaved off your spray

2-      Use a High-quality exfoliating scrub the day of your spray, I recommend the CT Body Buffer or the Versa Spa Sunless Pro body exfoliator because it contains a mild exfoliator and also contains Aloe to sooth your skin. I also pay special attention to my elbows, knees, and feet because those areas are really dry areas for me. Stay away from sugar scrubs and sea salt exfoliate due to the abrasiveness of the sugar and the salt on your skin.  

3-      When you arrive at the salon to get your spray make sure that you are using the PH-prep gel like the CT Color Maximer or Versa Spa Sunless Pro Pre-tan intensifier!!!! These products is will help your Sunless results last longer and evens out the PH of your skin to create a smooth-even canvas for your spray tan to be applied to. The PH-gel also helps cut-down on the development time of your results. Who doesn’t want faster, more even results?

After your Sunless session:

1-      Wait at least an hour before showering or working out, this gives the solution time to complete the reactions necessary for your color to fully develop.

2-      Use products that are made for sunless tanners. I also recommend that sunless users use the sunless extenders like the CT Extender or the Versa-Spa Post-sunless moisturizer. These products are designed for sunless tanners and don’t contain any ingredients that would affect or speed up the exfoliation of your sunless tan. These great products also have a hint of sunless solution in them which really helps boosted the results and also helps the spray fade more evenly and also can be used to create a subtle glow when you can make it into the salon for a sunless treat.


Splish. Splash


“Splish, splash I was taking a bath. . . AWWWWWHHHH WHAT THE FREAK?!!!! Ugh my freakin tan is at the freakin bottom of the tub.”

“Oh Donnatella didn’t you know that At The Beach Rocks has TAN-EXTENDING body washes that won’t strip your tan like that Bubblegum vodka martini scented body wash that you are using and All At The Beach Rocks tan-extending body washes are freakin 20% off all month!”

“UGHH! Freakin cool.”  

That’s right freaks all At The Beach Rocks tan extending body washes are 20% off till August 31, 2013.

Pick up any of the following to lock in and extend the life of your tan:

·         California Tan Sunless Body Wash – is a gentle cleansing gel that contains Aloe Vera to wrap skin with Honey and Banana extract; working together to ensure long-lasting color

·         Versa Spa Sunless PRO Body Wash – is infused with  avocado oil and caffeine which nourish and cleanse your skin while protecting it from free radicals which shortens the life of your Versa-spa results

·         Forgiveness – Is an At The Beach Exclusive product that is a rich cleansing gel which contains Ellagic Acid, Vitamin C and Potassium to protect against the break-down of collagen and also works to recharge the skin.

·         Expose By California Tan – is luxurious, sulfate-free formula which cleanses without stripping your tan. This luxurious skin loving body wash, contains Shea butter, pumpkin butter and CT-Protect which nourishes and protects the skin by infusing the skin with nutrients to prolong its youthful appearance.

Any of these At The Beach Rocks products will work to protect your tan and extend those deep, dark results that you have worked so hard to achieve.


No Freakin Tan lines


 “Ughhhh! Freaks I have Freakin Tan Lines from my freakin awesome weekend get-a-way to Orlando.” Donatella must be having lunch early and by early I mean 10am. I guess it is 5 o’clock somewhere. This background noise goes on for a good part of the morning.

 I guess Donatella forgot about the freakin awesome At The Beach Rocks deal on our State of the Art Versa-Spa! Step in to the world’s most loved and most respected name in sunless, and hide yo tan lines, hydrate your skin and show off your bronzed tan which will surely be the envy of your friends.  This month At The Beach Rocks is offering a freakin sweet deal; two Versa-Spa Sessions for $49.00. Normally one session in the Versa-Spa is valued at $44.00, but this super sweet deal you beloved freaks are getting is basically TWOO for the Price of ONE!!

Remember At The Beach Rocks always recommends the use of the California Tan Sunless Maximer or Versa-Spa Pro Pre-tan intensifier before sunless tanning! These pre-sunless products work to smooth the skin and also jump-start the results of your Sunless session. Your color develops quicker, with an even richer tone; who doesn’t want faster, darker, richer color, I know this At The Beach Rocks member loves that!

Upgrade your tan all Month long!


“I’m sorry sir but your flight is full. But, I can book you a first-class upgrade FOR FREE!” Everyone loves a Free upgrade and members At The Beach Rocks are always looking to save themselves some money, that’s why At The Beach Rocks tanners know that our VIP Memberships are the way to look fabulous and save money.

This month At The Beach Rocks’ current VIP Memberships members can upgrade their existing membership for FREE. Upgrade you membership today and enjoy the 360 level and Versa Spa visits unlimited for the rest of month for FREE from At The Beach Rocks. Who knows what that boost of color that you are going to receive from those luxurious high-end beds is going to do for your confidence not to mention give your tan that added boost.

Be sure to also pick up a fresh, new bottle of lotion when you upgrade your membership. This At The Beach Rocks member is loving the NEW Designer Skin lotions:

*All Dolled Up – Is the Step one product which infuses the skin with Natural oils and Vitamins which will help moisturize and tone the skin while adoring the skin in golden brown color.

* Label Me Beautiful – Is the Step Two product it is designed to push your tan past your tanning plateau. Label Me Beautiful also contains vitamins and natural oils which moisturize and tone your skin while instant and delayed bronzers impart a dark, rich color which will have you feeling beautiful in no time!

                * Also with the purchase of All Dolled Up & Label Me Beautiful you receive a Step 3 Tan Extender for FREE. This Free gift is going to wrap your skin in tan extending vitamins and technologies that will prolong and extend the life of your tan!

Why stop at upgrading your At The Beach Rocks membership? Upgrade your membership and upgrade your lotion and lay back in the 360 bed and let the scent of your new Designer Skin lotion and warmth of the lamps on your skin just take you away from your everyday life. After that relaxing and indulgent session step into the Versa Spa and wrap your skin in hydration and bronzing results.  At The Beach Rocks knows that you will leave At The Beach Rocks looking and feeling like a million dollars and you got it for almost nothing. We promise we won’t tell beautiful.  

Flip Flop Tan


 At The Beach Rocks is always rocking that deep, dark, sexy tan that everyone wants. We do not just wake up and look this bronzed and fabulous, well maybe the fabulous part we do, but what can I say, this member of At The Beach Rocks is a little conceited. But, while I have worked my buns off to get this At The Beach Rocks tan I have over-came some various tanning trials and tribulations that most tanners will have run into and this post is me letting my best tanning Freaks know that they are not high and dry and that At The Beach Rocks is here to help overcome these tanning-blocks.

                Bunnies are soft, cute, and fluffy but they are PALE Freaks, and NO tanner wants to have the all familiar “tanning bunny tail”. After talking in a staff meeting about this embarrassing but prevalent topic but At The Beach Rocks’ team has got some tips to help our tan-fabulous tanners with this problem.

·         Add the Stand-up bed to your tanning regimen –  I usually tan in the Sun Angel twice then I hop in the stand up the third time I tan. Adding the Stand-up helps get rid of that pesky bunny tail but also helps tan any pressure points but this blogger though, is lazy and doesn’t like to stand up and tan, so the last 2-3minutes of my tanning session, I sit on the side of the bed like I am sitting on a chair, that helps get rid of the bunny tail and also the smile lines.

Now that it is flip flop season everyone is trying to get their feet and their toes that deep, dark, bronzed color, but as most tanners can tell you this is easier said than done. But, I have some sure-fire ways to pump up the color on your feet that will have you showing it off in no-time.

1-      It sounds weird when I tell people, but tan backwards! I know there are some puzzled images going thru your head, but what I’m suggesting you do is tan in the bed so your feet are under the facial lamps and your head it at the “foot” of the bed.

2-      This is a tip that was suggested to me by a co-worker. Use your facial lotion on your feet! I thought it sounded odd, but I’m always a sucker for tips that my friends tell me, and it worked!            

3-      This blogger has combined the two tips above and my feet have that sexy tan which is demanding to be shown off!

 At The Beach Rocks hopes that these At The Beach Rocks tanning tips will help you get that all freaking over bronzed At The Beach Rocks tan that will make you the envy of all your freakin friends. 

Change it up


It is summer, our hair is getting lighter, the days are getting longer and everyone wants to get even more color. Slip into one of At The Beach Rocks’ cutting-edge equipment which will give you the fast, long-lasting results you crave. Hold up! Before you slip into your favorite cutting-edge sunbed make sure you have one of At The Beach Rocks’ high-quality high-performance lotions. Our sun tan lotions not only help you get a deep, dark At The Beach Rocks’ tan but also contain premium skin care to improve overall health of your skin. Also, they smell amazing and help prevent that after-tan odor.      

                I know that this At The Beach Rocks’ member has a favorite tanning lotion and I’m sure you do too. While a good stand-by is always in style you need to change up your lotion to keep getting great results. Tanners have more options than ever when it comes to sun tan lotions, At The Beach Rocks wants you to remember these 3 easy steps to lotion and use a lotion from all 3 steps to ensure that you get faster, darker, and longer-lasting results you and At The Beach Rocks crave.

·         Step 1: Jumpstart – These lotions are designed to “jumpstart” your base tan color. These products work to jumpstart the color production process to get you that golden brown base tan that you are craving.  These products are not just for people looking to jumpstart their base tan, they are great for experienced tanners as well to recharge your skin to continue to build color. These are some examples of some of At The Beach Rocks’ top selling Step 1’s:

o   Blend Amore

o   Blend Chiseled

o   Infiniti Fair to light Step 1

o   Designer Skin Juicy Gossip

o   JWoww One and Done

·         Step 2: Breakthrough – These lotions are designed to “breakthrough” the Tanning Plateau. The Tanning Plateau is when you’re tanning consistently and not seeing any more results, your tan is stuck at a tanning plateau which it needs a “breakthrough” product to help blast through that plateau and get you the darker, richer color you crave. Some of these “breakthrough” products contain “tingle” or “Hot Action” to help you break through this plateau more quickly but use of “tingle” or “Hot Action” products is not advised for sensitive skin tanners.  These are some examples of some of At The Beach Rocks’ top selling Step 2’s :

o   Blend Poised

o   Blend Alpha Male

o   Infiniti Medium to Dark Step 2

o   Designer Skin Conceited

o   Jwoww Mad Hot Tingle

·         Step 3 : Extend – These products are used after tanning, showering, or any time your skin needs moisture. Step 3 products are your tan protectors, and your skin savor! Step 3s protect and extend your tanning results because the Step 3s contain the amino acids and vitamins that are the building blocks of your tan and replenishes these nutrients to prolong your results. Step 3s also replenish moisture and infuse your skin with premium skin care ingredients to leave your skin looking great and feeling silky smooth.  These are some examples of some of At The Beach Rocks’ top selling Step 3s:

o   Blend Sinfully Soft

o   California Tan Expose

o   Matahari Luminous

If you rotate your lotions between a Step 1 and Step 2 and ALWAYS use a Step 3 you will have a flawless, even, dark tan that At The Beach Rocks is known for. Stop by your local At The Beach Rocks location and talk with a freakin’ awesomely friendly, knowledgeable tanning consultant and they will be answer all your questions and recommend a products that fit all your needs and your desire of color.

Pout those lips Covergirl


“Hey, Freaks do you have a dirty freakin’ mouth, like me, Donnatella?

“Ugh, If you answered yes, you’ll the this great freakin’ deal from At The Beach Rocks”

This month At The Beach Rocks is offering $5.00 off teeth-whitening products to give you, a freakin’ dazzling white smile to go with your dark, sexy tan from At The Beach Rocks. Why get a tan and get a dazzling white smile all in 20 minutes or less.  At The Beach Rocks offers three opinions of teeth whitening products:

1-      White Blitz complete UV White teeth whitening systems uses the power of UV light from your tanning session to whiten and brighten your smile.

2-      Whiter Image to-go pen is whitening that can be used on the go , or during your tanning session. The to-go pen is a easy brush-on applicator with no trays or rinsing so it is ultra-convenient, it is also mint-flavored for fresher breath and is all wrapped up in a stylish brushed aluminum casing.

3-      Chic-Flic is a dual purpose product, it combines the to-go pen and a clear lip plumper to give you that bright dazzling smile, and also give you those sexy full lips that everyone is wanting.

“Ugh, I almost forgot about the $3.00 off lip products! Freaks At The Beach Rocks is helping your pout look good with $3.00 off lip balms and SPF lip.”

Hurry! Into any At The Beach location and take advantage of this At The Beach Rocks offer of $3.00 off lip products and $5.00 off teeth-whitening products. Offer only good till July 31,2013!