Happy Tanniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us, Happy Tanniversary to us, happpppppppyyyyy Tannnnneeeeeevvvverrsaaaaaarrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy to AT THE BEACH…. Happy Tanniversary to US! Woo HOO!

The At The Beach Rocks crew would like to apologize for that.  It was shameless and off key.  It is highly likely that one or more of our famous tanning spokes models over indulged at lunch and are now drunkenly celebrating At The Beach’s 25th TANiversary.  Did you know it was At The Beach Tanning superstores anniversary?  At The Beach Rocks knew!  That’s right way back in 1987 At The Beach opened our first store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at Southwest 74th and Penn.  We have remodeled a few times since then, but we are still located in that same spot today, along with 64 other amazing locations!

In honor of 25 years of making Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Wichita, Denver, or Orange County the At The Beach Rocks crew is excited about the amazing anniversary special that At The Beach Tanning Superstores has to offer.  That’s right Tanners it is BOGO Time!

At The Beach Tanning Superstores is offering Buy One Get one completely absolutely positively FREE.  All your lotion needs, your single sessions, your credits, even pour paid in full memberships, How freaking awesome is that?!?!?! Don’t thank us, that’s just how At The Beach Rocks.

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