Texts from Donatella pt 3

It isn’t easy being as Tanfabulous as Donatella.  Sure, you think, do a few commercials, drink a few cocktails, insult a few pale boring people, hang out with the At The Beach Rocks crew and then home to Orange County California right?  But there is a high price to pay being At The Beach tanning superstore’s favorite spokes model tan person.

The high price of tanning celebrityism. Tancelbrism? Tanilebrity? Whatever, it isn’t easy being Donatella!  And the added celebrity love she is getting from the Jersey Shore connection, well. . . what are you going to do?   The only GTL Donatella cares about is Gin, Tonic & Lime! At The Beach Rocks is sending out a big shout showing all the love she deserves.

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