Curb Appeal..Sex Appeal..Infinite Appeal



At The Beach Rocks knows that a deep, dark tan has more appeal than pasty paleness. If a deep, dark tan is what you desire then, transcend the limits of bronzing potential with At The Beach Rocks’ Blend Appeal Bag. The Blend Appeal Bag contains three great products that help you reach beyond your tanning limits to get that deep, dark, toned, tan or as At The Beach Rocks calls it the Infinite tan. 

The Blend Appeal Bag contains:

                Infinite Appeal: Is a silicone-based lotion that helps jumpstart and propel your color beyond your natural potential. Infinite Appeal is enriched with Shea & Cocoa Butter to wrap skin in hydration to help deepen and prolong your color. At the Beach Rocks’ loves that Appeal is also enriched with amino acids which help fight free-radicals and keep skin glowing.

                Love your Legs: Is an amazing leg bronzer. At The Beach Rocks loves that Love your Legs is enriched with caffeine to tighten and firm while DHA bronzers wrap your legs in deep, dark color.

                Sinfully Soft: Is the favorite tan extender of At The Beach Rocks. Sinfully Soft completes the tanning process by locking in your color, and infuse your skin with vitamins and nutrients that nourish and extend the life of your tan.

At The Beach Rocks’ Blend Appeal Bag not only help your color reach for the stars but also keeps your wallet grounded. You get all these tantalizing products wrapped up in a handy tote for $69.00! Hurry into any At The Beach Location and ask for the Blend Appeal Bag and send your tan to infinity and beyond.  

Get your Tan On with a FREE Versa


“Ughhh, Freak your legs are blinding me,” has been a thought that has ran thru this member of At The Beach Rock’s head all weekend. Summer to At The Beach Rocks means that the sun get brighter, your hair gets lighter, and your skin gets DARKER. Which reinforces At The Beach Rock’s knowledge that having a little color can make a person look sexier, and feel sexier.

At The Beach Rock’s also knows that everyone can’t live like Donatella and sip champagne while being pool-side all day long, which is why At The Beach Rocks is offering till July 31, one (1) FREE Versa-Spa Sunless Visit.

That’s right pump-up your color and/or eliminate those pesky tan lines with At The Beach Rocks’ one (1) FREE Versa-Spa Visit. Banish paleness by slipping into one of our heated, open-air Versa-Spas or Versa-Spa Pros.  Where in 60 seconds, you can go from Casper legs to Daisy Duke legs thanks to our sunless booths’ infusion of skin-care ingredients and bronzing solution to banish paleness and give you the confidence to show off some skin this summer. So before you pull out those Daisy Duke Shorts stop by any of our At The Beach Rocks’ locations to get your one (1) FREE Versa-Spa and after Tweet (@atthebeachrocks) or Instagram (@atthebeachrocks) us your one (1) FREE Versa-Spa Color using the #hash-tag: #IGotMyTanOnAtTheBeach

Curious about Tan Curious


Are you Curious about The At The Beach Rocks Tan Curious team? Well, do At The Beach Rocks has a sneak peek for you!

“Ugh, look Freak at The Whole Tan Curious Team” – Donnatella.

“ Look at all those buff bodies” – Bjorn

“These bronzed bombshells looks 100% SEXY”-Fernando.

Be Sure to come by the Main Stage at Denver Pridefest at Civic Center Park this weekend for a FREE VERSA from At The Beach Rocks.

Cheat on your Summer Tan for $9.95


Everyone loves a little secret especially Donatella, but since Donatella is off downing some fabulous champagne and jetting setting to all the fabulous VIP Clubs and is too busy to air the dirty laundry so At The Beach Rocks will do it for Donatella.

At The Beach Rocks is doing $9.95 for a month of tanning or $9.95 for a Versa Spa Sunless Session for the month of June.


 Get a head start on your summer tan with a month of tanning or a Versa Spa Sunless Session for 9-freakin-95, 9-freaking-95. Go ahead, cheat on getting your summer tan, your summer tan secret is safe with At The Beach Rocks.

Product Use outside


While you are enjoying summer outdoor activities like boating, hitting up all the neighborhood BBQs, or just soaking up some sun with friends, remember that you can use any of At The Beach Rocks’ high-quality skin-care products when tanning outdoors. Our high-quality skin-care products from California Tan and Blend are not just for use in At The Beach Rocks superstore’s beds, they can be used to maximize your tanning potential and help prolong your deep, dark bronzed hue outdoors as well.

Here are some tips from the At The Beach Rocks’ tanning experts:

·         When using your favorite At The Beach Rocks high-quality skin-care product (i.e. Juicy Gossip & Conceited) remember to apply a SPF sunscreen as well and reply every so often.

·         Tingle lotions (i.e. Jwoww Mad Hot & Socialite) are great lotions for use in one of At The Beach Rocks’ climate-controlled beds, but tingle lotions are not advised to be used outside, because tingle lotions create a warming or reddening effect which could irritate heat-sensitive skin.  

·         Whether  you are tanning indoors or tanning outdoors always remember to prolong and extend your results with Finalizers like Expose Tan Extender and Forgiveness Body wash, which will cleanse your skin without stripping your tan, leaving your skin hydrated and enhance your glowing tan.

Remember high-quality lotion helps your skin tan more efficiently but does not protect against burning, always use a SPF to minimize the risk of burning when tanning outdoors and remember to be bright while you are enjoying your fun in the sun, tan responsibly, do not ever sunburn!

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Mission Viejo


At The Beach Rocks said the At The Beach Tanning Salons were growing last month and man were we ever!  Check out this press release that At The Beach tanning salons put out in regards to the opening of our Mission Viejo location

Now it’s even easier to get a great golden tan with 10 At The Beach Tanning Superstores across the Southern part of the Golden State.

ATB Tanning Opens 10th Golden State Store

At The Beach is giving even more Californians an opportunity to get a great tan after sunset, including UV-free tanning beds. In late 2011, At The Beach expanded into Orange County, Calif., with four locations, and now it’s opening its 10th California location and 70th store overall in Mission Viejo, Calif. – giving beachgoers options to get a great base tan for swimsuit season.

 “The last few years have seen unprecedented growth for At The Beach, which is now one of the most recognized names in the industry,” said Brian Belt, CEO. “We attribute it to knowing what people want, such as UV-free tanning and no-wait tanning. However, the true secret of our success has been our loyal customers and our community projects through At The Beach Cares.”

At The Beach is involved with many charities and causes, including the Colorado AIDS project, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and Project Angel Heart, for which it raised more than $25,000 by taking donations through the month of April. For more information on At The Beach’s community involvement, visit

 “It’s really exciting for us to continue expanding in California, and not just from a business perspective,” Belt said. “We also see it as a new opportunity to give back to the California communities we’re expanding into.”

 At The Beach has grown from one tanning salon with four tanning beds on the south side of Oklahoma City into a regional tanning salon chain with stores located throughout Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas and California. For more information on locations, special offers, tanning and spray tanning, visit

Text From Donatella Part 6


Being a tan-fabulous spokeswoman is always a busy job and does take a toll on one’s complexion. Donatella is no stranger to this being always At The Beach Rocks’ multitude of events and all those At The Beach Rocks TV and radio spots. After a little vacation soaking up some rays in one of AT The Beach Rocks’ tantalizing European sunbeds and a random off the radar trip to Mexico, Donatella returned with looking as fabulous as you know Donatella is but there was one question that we kept finding on the tip of our tongues. . .

At The Beach Moore Oklahoma



Sometimes we have to take a step back from the fun and just be thankful for what we have.  Yesterday a tornado devastated Moore Oklahoma.  At The Beach is proud to be an Oklahoma based company, with 14 stores in the greater Oklahoma City Area, including one in Moore.  We were very lucky, and so thankful to report that all of our employees and families are alright.

Our Moore store is still standing, although we have been unable to get anyone to the store to assess the damage.  We appreciate the heartfelt messages and words of concern we have been receiving from our many vendors and contacts, as well as our tanners in our other markets as well. 

For those interested in helping, please contact the Red Cross  or the Goodwill Industries of Oklahoma.

It goes without saying that our Moore store will be closed for the time being.  We are directing any customers to either our store at SW 74th & Penn or our Midwest City Location.

Sexy and you know it?


Are you Tan Curious? Tan Sexual? Willing to go Tan for Pay?

At The Beach Rocks is looking for our Tan Curious Boys! At The Beach, Denver’s favorite place to tan is looking for Tan & Sexy guys who are “beach body ready and know it” to be one of the ‘Tan Curious Boys’ at Denver’s Pride Fest June 15-16.  Other summer appearances are a possibility!

Super fun paid opportunity for the right men with a great personality, who look good and like to show it off.    At The Beach Rocks will make it worth your while! This is a paid opportunity plus FREE TANNING for the right guys.

What it is: This is a fully interactive opportunity, promoting At The Beach & At The Beach Rocks, and offering Pride attendees a free spray tan session, or a free week pass.  Talking with people, promoting our fun tan loving company and being friendly. 

What it is not: Lame, stupid, boring, or S&M (Stand & Model).  At The Beach Rocks doesn’t care how pretty you are, if you can’t interact with the crowd, we already have Donnatella for that.

So if you are in the Denver Area and are looking for a fun way to Get Your Tan on and Pump on This, then email for more information or check our craigslist add here

At The Beach Rocks ~ You know you want to!

At The Beach – BANNED!!!

Uggggghhhhhh! Are you freaking kidding me? At The Beach Rocks and all, but seriously?!?!?!  Radio stations in Tulsa and Colorado are banning our latest At The Beach radio commercials for being too freaking awesome or something. Can you imagine?  So since you won’t be hearing these awesome spots of awesomeness on your boring lame radio you should probably cry.

I mean it, go ahead and cry. Cry Freak!  Aren’t you sad you are pale and can not hear our At The Beach Rocks amazing radio ad? Well you should be.

Ok fine, since At The Beach Rocks is so awesome and rocking and stuff we will let you listen to the radio ads.

Here is my awesome ad with Bjorn for April Fools. Because he is such an April Fool. And because At The Beach Rocks.

ATB April Fools BANNED

This one I don’t remember at all. It has Fernando, and me, but I don’t remember it all.


At The Beach Rocks! Your favorite banned Tanning Superstore! Get your Tan on!

And stop Flirting with me! Freak!

XOXOXO – Donnatella