At The Beach – BANNED!!!

Uggggghhhhhh! Are you freaking kidding me? At The Beach Rocks and all, but seriously?!?!?!  Radio stations in Tulsa and Colorado are banning our latest At The Beach radio commercials for being too freaking awesome or something. Can you imagine?  So since you won’t be hearing these awesome spots of awesomeness on your boring lame radio you should probably cry.

I mean it, go ahead and cry. Cry Freak!  Aren’t you sad you are pale and can not hear our At The Beach Rocks amazing radio ad? Well you should be.

Ok fine, since At The Beach Rocks is so awesome and rocking and stuff we will let you listen to the radio ads.

Here is my awesome ad with Bjorn for April Fools. Because he is such an April Fool. And because At The Beach Rocks.

ATB April Fools BANNED

This one I don’t remember at all. It has Fernando, and me, but I don’t remember it all.


At The Beach Rocks! Your favorite banned Tanning Superstore! Get your Tan on!

And stop Flirting with me! Freak!

XOXOXO – Donnatella

Tan Curious?

Have you ever wondered?  Maybe fantasized about it?  Well now is your chance to satisfy that urge!

In honor of Denver Pride Fest At The Beach Rocks is offering you to come by any of our At The Beach Tanning Superstores and get a FREE VERSA SPRAY TAN!

That is correct; any of our Denver Colorado At The Beach Tanning Super Stores are offering the free Versa Spa Spray Tan to all the Tan Curious fans of At The Beach Rocks!  And if you are free this weekend, come by Denver’s Civic Center Park and check out the At The Beach Crew.  Free Spray tans onsite, plus the chance to meet the At The Beach “Tan Curious Boys”***


So, what do you say? Come out, and satisfy that curiosity.


*** Just in case you were wondering how to tell if you met one of the “Tan Curious Boys” don’t worry, we clearly labeled all of them


Rocking Wish List

Christmas Wish List

At The Beach Rocks is rocking the Christmas Wish List.  Want to know what to give Grandma? At The Beach Tanning gift certificate.  What to give Uncle Bob? At The Beach Tanning Gift Certificate.  What to give Donatella? EXACTLY!  At The Beach Rocks like that.

Here is the hot part though; right now you can get your At The Beach Rocks gift certificates for At The Beach Tanning for FREE when you make your own purchases.  No lie!  The more you spend the more you get for FREE.  Check out the details here or visit your local At The Beach Tanning and ask about the rocking freebies!