Flip Flop Tan


 At The Beach Rocks is always rocking that deep, dark, sexy tan that everyone wants. We do not just wake up and look this bronzed and fabulous, well maybe the fabulous part we do, but what can I say, this member of At The Beach Rocks is a little conceited. But, while I have worked my buns off to get this At The Beach Rocks tan I have over-came some various tanning trials and tribulations that most tanners will have run into and this post is me letting my best tanning Freaks know that they are not high and dry and that At The Beach Rocks is here to help overcome these tanning-blocks.

                Bunnies are soft, cute, and fluffy but they are PALE Freaks, and NO tanner wants to have the all familiar “tanning bunny tail”. After talking in a staff meeting about this embarrassing but prevalent topic but At The Beach Rocks’ team has got some tips to help our tan-fabulous tanners with this problem.

·         Add the Stand-up bed to your tanning regimen –  I usually tan in the Sun Angel twice then I hop in the stand up the third time I tan. Adding the Stand-up helps get rid of that pesky bunny tail but also helps tan any pressure points but this blogger though, is lazy and doesn’t like to stand up and tan, so the last 2-3minutes of my tanning session, I sit on the side of the bed like I am sitting on a chair, that helps get rid of the bunny tail and also the smile lines.

Now that it is flip flop season everyone is trying to get their feet and their toes that deep, dark, bronzed color, but as most tanners can tell you this is easier said than done. But, I have some sure-fire ways to pump up the color on your feet that will have you showing it off in no-time.

1-      It sounds weird when I tell people, but tan backwards! I know there are some puzzled images going thru your head, but what I’m suggesting you do is tan in the bed so your feet are under the facial lamps and your head it at the “foot” of the bed.

2-      This is a tip that was suggested to me by a co-worker. Use your facial lotion on your feet! I thought it sounded odd, but I’m always a sucker for tips that my friends tell me, and it worked!            

3-      This blogger has combined the two tips above and my feet have that sexy tan which is demanding to be shown off!

 At The Beach Rocks hopes that these At The Beach Rocks tanning tips will help you get that all freaking over bronzed At The Beach Rocks tan that will make you the envy of all your freakin friends. 

Change it up


It is summer, our hair is getting lighter, the days are getting longer and everyone wants to get even more color. Slip into one of At The Beach Rocks’ cutting-edge equipment which will give you the fast, long-lasting results you crave. Hold up! Before you slip into your favorite cutting-edge sunbed make sure you have one of At The Beach Rocks’ high-quality high-performance lotions. Our sun tan lotions not only help you get a deep, dark At The Beach Rocks’ tan but also contain premium skin care to improve overall health of your skin. Also, they smell amazing and help prevent that after-tan odor.      

                I know that this At The Beach Rocks’ member has a favorite tanning lotion and I’m sure you do too. While a good stand-by is always in style you need to change up your lotion to keep getting great results. Tanners have more options than ever when it comes to sun tan lotions, At The Beach Rocks wants you to remember these 3 easy steps to lotion and use a lotion from all 3 steps to ensure that you get faster, darker, and longer-lasting results you and At The Beach Rocks crave.

·         Step 1: Jumpstart – These lotions are designed to “jumpstart” your base tan color. These products work to jumpstart the color production process to get you that golden brown base tan that you are craving.  These products are not just for people looking to jumpstart their base tan, they are great for experienced tanners as well to recharge your skin to continue to build color. These are some examples of some of At The Beach Rocks’ top selling Step 1’s:

o   Blend Amore

o   Blend Chiseled

o   Infiniti Fair to light Step 1

o   Designer Skin Juicy Gossip

o   JWoww One and Done

·         Step 2: Breakthrough – These lotions are designed to “breakthrough” the Tanning Plateau. The Tanning Plateau is when you’re tanning consistently and not seeing any more results, your tan is stuck at a tanning plateau which it needs a “breakthrough” product to help blast through that plateau and get you the darker, richer color you crave. Some of these “breakthrough” products contain “tingle” or “Hot Action” to help you break through this plateau more quickly but use of “tingle” or “Hot Action” products is not advised for sensitive skin tanners.  These are some examples of some of At The Beach Rocks’ top selling Step 2’s :

o   Blend Poised

o   Blend Alpha Male

o   Infiniti Medium to Dark Step 2

o   Designer Skin Conceited

o   Jwoww Mad Hot Tingle

·         Step 3 : Extend – These products are used after tanning, showering, or any time your skin needs moisture. Step 3 products are your tan protectors, and your skin savor! Step 3s protect and extend your tanning results because the Step 3s contain the amino acids and vitamins that are the building blocks of your tan and replenishes these nutrients to prolong your results. Step 3s also replenish moisture and infuse your skin with premium skin care ingredients to leave your skin looking great and feeling silky smooth.  These are some examples of some of At The Beach Rocks’ top selling Step 3s:

o   Blend Sinfully Soft

o   California Tan Expose

o   Matahari Luminous

If you rotate your lotions between a Step 1 and Step 2 and ALWAYS use a Step 3 you will have a flawless, even, dark tan that At The Beach Rocks is known for. Stop by your local At The Beach Rocks location and talk with a freakin’ awesomely friendly, knowledgeable tanning consultant and they will be answer all your questions and recommend a products that fit all your needs and your desire of color.

Product Use outside


While you are enjoying summer outdoor activities like boating, hitting up all the neighborhood BBQs, or just soaking up some sun with friends, remember that you can use any of At The Beach Rocks’ high-quality skin-care products when tanning outdoors. Our high-quality skin-care products from California Tan and Blend are not just for use in At The Beach Rocks superstore’s beds, they can be used to maximize your tanning potential and help prolong your deep, dark bronzed hue outdoors as well.

Here are some tips from the At The Beach Rocks’ tanning experts:

·         When using your favorite At The Beach Rocks high-quality skin-care product (i.e. Juicy Gossip & Conceited) remember to apply a SPF sunscreen as well and reply every so often.

·         Tingle lotions (i.e. Jwoww Mad Hot & Socialite) are great lotions for use in one of At The Beach Rocks’ climate-controlled beds, but tingle lotions are not advised to be used outside, because tingle lotions create a warming or reddening effect which could irritate heat-sensitive skin.  

·         Whether  you are tanning indoors or tanning outdoors always remember to prolong and extend your results with Finalizers like Expose Tan Extender and Forgiveness Body wash, which will cleanse your skin without stripping your tan, leaving your skin hydrated and enhance your glowing tan.

Remember high-quality lotion helps your skin tan more efficiently but does not protect against burning, always use a SPF to minimize the risk of burning when tanning outdoors and remember to be bright while you are enjoying your fun in the sun, tan responsibly, do not ever sunburn!

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Sunless Tanning Secrets

Want the secrets to get the best from your sunless tan?  At The Beach Rocks is here to help!  For these hits we went to our tanning experts from our At The Beach Tanning Salons.  No Jersey Shore or Toddler & Tiara looks here!

To get a perfect sunless tan  here are a few tanning tips to help you get ready.

- The day you are planning on getting a sunless tan, shave your legs. Your legs will be nice and smooth, and the solution won’t have to get past any little leg hairs. Also, shaving after you spray tan can remove your color.
- Exfoliate your skin. We carry a couple of options for body scrub in our salons that is perfect for this. When you exfoliate your skin, this knocks off any dead skin cells that will shed off and take your lovely sunless tan with it.  Plus, using the body polishing scrubs on a regular basis after your spray tan will help it fade more evenly.
- Don’t apply moisturizer after you shower. This will allow your skin to soak in the solution easier, and in a more even manner. After your session using a tan extender will help maintain and prolong the life of your sunless tan.
- Use the prep gel. This will balance your skin’s pH levels, and ensure a perfect, flawless sunless tan.  Again, we offer a few options in the store, check with our tanning experts to see what is available at your At The Beach Tanning Salon.
- Have the At The Beach Tanning Expert help you choose your color. They are trained in helping you get the best tan possible and will be able to give you great guidance on this.

So to have the perfect sunless tan, just follow those steps. And if you have any questions, reach out to us on Twitter.  We love feedback and are happy to help!  Plus If you follow us @AtTheBeachRocks you are always up to date on the latest and greatest tips, secrets, and promotions from At The Beach

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Happy Tanniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us, Happy Tanniversary to us, happpppppppyyyyy Tannnnneeeeeevvvverrsaaaaaarrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy to AT THE BEACH…. Happy Tanniversary to US! Woo HOO!

The At The Beach Rocks crew would like to apologize for that.  It was shameless and off key.  It is highly likely that one or more of our famous tanning spokes models over indulged at lunch and are now drunkenly celebrating At The Beach’s 25th TANiversary.  Did you know it was At The Beach Tanning superstores anniversary?  At The Beach Rocks knew!  That’s right way back in 1987 At The Beach opened our first store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at Southwest 74th and Penn.  We have remodeled a few times since then, but we are still located in that same spot today, along with 64 other amazing locations!

In honor of 25 years of making Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Wichita, Denver, or Orange County the At The Beach Rocks crew is excited about the amazing anniversary special that At The Beach Tanning Superstores has to offer.  That’s right Tanners it is BOGO Time!

At The Beach Tanning Superstores is offering Buy One Get one completely absolutely positively FREE.  All your lotion needs, your single sessions, your credits, even pour paid in full memberships, How freaking awesome is that?!?!?! Don’t thank us, that’s just how At The Beach Rocks.


Got your green on?  Getting ready to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?  The At The Beach Rocks Crew has been gearing up all week here!  Why, just today we all had green margaritas at lunch just in honor of the holiday.  Yes, yes, we know margaritas usually are green.  Whatever.

How are you going to celebrate? Green eggs and ham?  Green beer? Hunt down tanned and fabulous people who aren’t wearing green and pinch their… assets?

At The Beach Rocks is excited about the offer that At The Beach Tanning Superstores is offering to help our customers “Get their Green on!”  Right now for a limited time only they are offering Buy one get one half off on selected products and services.  How awesome is that?

Check out the deal and get your assets in to At The Beach and take advantage of this great offer!

Rocking the Infinite Appeal


Happy March Freaks!  At The Beach Rocks is asking what appeals to you?  We asked out At The Beach Rocks crew.  Can you guess what they said?  Fernando said looking sexy, Donnatella said not being surrounded by pale boring people asking her stupid questions, (gee thanks, guess I’ll be tanning later today).  We asked Bjorn and he said a banana.  Wow.

What appeals to you?  If having a flawless awesome looking dark tan is what appeals to you, then you to need to get into At The Beach Tanning Salons and take advantage of the awesome promotion going on now.  This month At The Beach Tanning Salons are launching their new sexy Blend Expressions line and to kick off the line they have a rocking new Infinite Appeal bag.  Step One Infinite Appeal to help you achieve your deeper darker tan, step 3 forgiveness body wash to help extend the life of your tan, and the Flawless Beauty facial tanner with just a kiss of bronzer.  Donatella says that makes you look instantly better, but then she would say that.

Check out the special here.  Or Run don’t walk to the nearest At The Beach Tanning Salons and take advantages while supplies last.

You know you want to!

Sexy BOGO for VD!

Rocking the Romantic BOGO

It is February, and you know what Fernando says?  February is the month for sexy lovers.  Everyone wants to be a sexy lover right?  At The Beach Rocks can help with that!

Right now you better run, not walk, to the closest At The Beach Tanning superstore and take advantage of the sexy buy one get free promotion they have going on.  Take advantage of this amazing promotion now!  Bjorn says it is like 2 for the price of one, and Donatella says it’s like getting 2 things at half price.  You do the math.

So visit your local At The Beach tanning superstore in Oklahoma City OK, Tulsa OK, Denver CO, Wichita KS or Orange County CA to take advantage of At The Beach Rocks rocking VD promotion and get your tan on!

Rocking the 69

At The Beach Rocks is heating up this January with some 69 fun.  No you Freaks, not THAT 69 fun.  Good Greif get your minds back on topic please!  At The Beach is rocking an amazing lotion promotion that you can take advantage of at any of the At The Beach Tanning locations!

Right now in Wichita Kansas, Oklahoma City, Orange County California, Tulsa Oklahoma or Denver Colorado any of you 69 minded freaks can get 2 bottles of our exclusive Blend Essential tanning lotions for just $69.  How do you take advantage of this rocking deal? At The Beach Rocks has your back here!  A quick visit the At The Beach tanning website will give you the details and a coupon.

At The Beach Rocks encourages you to hurry in to the At The Beach tanning stores and get your 69 on.  Supplies won’t last long with deals like this!

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Rocking Wish List

Christmas Wish List

At The Beach Rocks is rocking the Christmas Wish List.  Want to know what to give Grandma? At The Beach Tanning gift certificate.  What to give Uncle Bob? At The Beach Tanning Gift Certificate.  What to give Donatella? EXACTLY!  At The Beach Rocks like that.

Here is the hot part though; right now you can get your At The Beach Rocks gift certificates for At The Beach Tanning for FREE when you make your own purchases.  No lie!  The more you spend the more you get for FREE.  Check out the details here or visit your local At The Beach Tanning and ask about the rocking freebies!