No Strings Attached

“Summer is freakin almost over! Ughh, my tan is gonna freakin’ fade!!!”

Not to worry! At The Beach Rocks offers strictly NO CONTRACT monthly tanning now in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and our California Markets!!!! Walk into any Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and California At The Beach Rocks location and get signed up and tan yourself into sexiness with NO LONG-TERM Commitment!!! Tan for a few months to get a freakin tan before your vacation or tan year-round to maintain that bronzed look for all your events you busy beach! It’s up to you!

At The Beach Rocks is excited about this flexible option for our tanners! At The Beach Rocks has tons of locations and convenient hours and now At The Beach Rocks puts you in control of your membership. Now get to your neighborhood At The Beach Rocks in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, California and sign up for that amazing All-Access 360 Unlimited membership and get your tan on, and cancel when you want just with a notice before your next draw date! Now if that isn’t a no strings attached relationship. I don’t know what is.

Upgrade your tan all Month long!


“I’m sorry sir but your flight is full. But, I can book you a first-class upgrade FOR FREE!” Everyone loves a Free upgrade and members At The Beach Rocks are always looking to save themselves some money, that’s why At The Beach Rocks tanners know that our VIP Memberships are the way to look fabulous and save money.

This month At The Beach Rocks’ current VIP Memberships members can upgrade their existing membership for FREE. Upgrade you membership today and enjoy the 360 level and Versa Spa visits unlimited for the rest of month for FREE from At The Beach Rocks. Who knows what that boost of color that you are going to receive from those luxurious high-end beds is going to do for your confidence not to mention give your tan that added boost.

Be sure to also pick up a fresh, new bottle of lotion when you upgrade your membership. This At The Beach Rocks member is loving the NEW Designer Skin lotions:

*All Dolled Up – Is the Step one product which infuses the skin with Natural oils and Vitamins which will help moisturize and tone the skin while adoring the skin in golden brown color.

* Label Me Beautiful – Is the Step Two product it is designed to push your tan past your tanning plateau. Label Me Beautiful also contains vitamins and natural oils which moisturize and tone your skin while instant and delayed bronzers impart a dark, rich color which will have you feeling beautiful in no time!

                * Also with the purchase of All Dolled Up & Label Me Beautiful you receive a Step 3 Tan Extender for FREE. This Free gift is going to wrap your skin in tan extending vitamins and technologies that will prolong and extend the life of your tan!

Why stop at upgrading your At The Beach Rocks membership? Upgrade your membership and upgrade your lotion and lay back in the 360 bed and let the scent of your new Designer Skin lotion and warmth of the lamps on your skin just take you away from your everyday life. After that relaxing and indulgent session step into the Versa Spa and wrap your skin in hydration and bronzing results.  At The Beach Rocks knows that you will leave At The Beach Rocks looking and feeling like a million dollars and you got it for almost nothing. We promise we won’t tell beautiful.  

Flip Flop Tan


 At The Beach Rocks is always rocking that deep, dark, sexy tan that everyone wants. We do not just wake up and look this bronzed and fabulous, well maybe the fabulous part we do, but what can I say, this member of At The Beach Rocks is a little conceited. But, while I have worked my buns off to get this At The Beach Rocks tan I have over-came some various tanning trials and tribulations that most tanners will have run into and this post is me letting my best tanning Freaks know that they are not high and dry and that At The Beach Rocks is here to help overcome these tanning-blocks.

                Bunnies are soft, cute, and fluffy but they are PALE Freaks, and NO tanner wants to have the all familiar “tanning bunny tail”. After talking in a staff meeting about this embarrassing but prevalent topic but At The Beach Rocks’ team has got some tips to help our tan-fabulous tanners with this problem.

·         Add the Stand-up bed to your tanning regimen –  I usually tan in the Sun Angel twice then I hop in the stand up the third time I tan. Adding the Stand-up helps get rid of that pesky bunny tail but also helps tan any pressure points but this blogger though, is lazy and doesn’t like to stand up and tan, so the last 2-3minutes of my tanning session, I sit on the side of the bed like I am sitting on a chair, that helps get rid of the bunny tail and also the smile lines.

Now that it is flip flop season everyone is trying to get their feet and their toes that deep, dark, bronzed color, but as most tanners can tell you this is easier said than done. But, I have some sure-fire ways to pump up the color on your feet that will have you showing it off in no-time.

1-      It sounds weird when I tell people, but tan backwards! I know there are some puzzled images going thru your head, but what I’m suggesting you do is tan in the bed so your feet are under the facial lamps and your head it at the “foot” of the bed.

2-      This is a tip that was suggested to me by a co-worker. Use your facial lotion on your feet! I thought it sounded odd, but I’m always a sucker for tips that my friends tell me, and it worked!            

3-      This blogger has combined the two tips above and my feet have that sexy tan which is demanding to be shown off!

 At The Beach Rocks hopes that these At The Beach Rocks tanning tips will help you get that all freaking over bronzed At The Beach Rocks tan that will make you the envy of all your freakin friends. 

We are back Beaches!

Donnatella is back from surgery… I mean vacay, and she is eager to get her spring break tan on.  At The Beach Rocks is eager to help!  Who else wants to be Spring Break Ready?

Right now in Orange County, Oklahoma City, Denver, Kansas and Tulsa all you At The Beach Rocks fans can stop drowning in pale sorrow and get your freaking tan on for FREE!  That’s right beaches, for FREE.  Who doesn’t love free?  Fernando was telling us all about loving some Free Beaches just yesterday.  Wait, no. . . . never mind, that isn’t what he said.  But you get the idea.

So hurry in to any At The Beach Super Stores and take advantage of our amazing, stupendous, wonderful, exciting, spectacular, insert your favorite adjective here, blah blah blah, in no way does this suck, ALL INCLUSIVE FREE WEEK OF TANNING!  It even gives you a sexy spray tan.  Who doesn’t love a spray job?

Some restrictions apply, don’t be stupid, like our commercials, bring your eyewear, and wear your seatbelt, blah blah blah.  Check out the website for more details.

Get your tan on freak!

Happy Tanniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us, Happy Tanniversary to us, happpppppppyyyyy Tannnnneeeeeevvvverrsaaaaaarrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy to AT THE BEACH…. Happy Tanniversary to US! Woo HOO!

The At The Beach Rocks crew would like to apologize for that.  It was shameless and off key.  It is highly likely that one or more of our famous tanning spokes models over indulged at lunch and are now drunkenly celebrating At The Beach’s 25th TANiversary.  Did you know it was At The Beach Tanning superstores anniversary?  At The Beach Rocks knew!  That’s right way back in 1987 At The Beach opened our first store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at Southwest 74th and Penn.  We have remodeled a few times since then, but we are still located in that same spot today, along with 64 other amazing locations!

In honor of 25 years of making Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Wichita, Denver, or Orange County the At The Beach Rocks crew is excited about the amazing anniversary special that At The Beach Tanning Superstores has to offer.  That’s right Tanners it is BOGO Time!

At The Beach Tanning Superstores is offering Buy One Get one completely absolutely positively FREE.  All your lotion needs, your single sessions, your credits, even pour paid in full memberships, How freaking awesome is that?!?!?! Don’t thank us, that’s just how At The Beach Rocks.


Got your green on?  Getting ready to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?  The At The Beach Rocks Crew has been gearing up all week here!  Why, just today we all had green margaritas at lunch just in honor of the holiday.  Yes, yes, we know margaritas usually are green.  Whatever.

How are you going to celebrate? Green eggs and ham?  Green beer? Hunt down tanned and fabulous people who aren’t wearing green and pinch their… assets?

At The Beach Rocks is excited about the offer that At The Beach Tanning Superstores is offering to help our customers “Get their Green on!”  Right now for a limited time only they are offering Buy one get one half off on selected products and services.  How awesome is that?

Check out the deal and get your assets in to At The Beach and take advantage of this great offer!

Rocking the Pink Circle Award

The At The Beach Rocks team has a lot of fun here on the blog, making fun of our characters and promoting the sell out of the specials going on with At The Beach Tanning superstores.  However, sometimes we just have to slow it down and give a ‘good job and well done’ to our customers.

Did you know that At The Beach Tanning Superstores just received the prestigious Pink Circle Award from the National Breast Cancer Foundation?  At The Beach Rocks knows!  This award was given in recognition of At The Beach’s 26K donation to the NBCF.  That donation was the money our customers raised during the October ‘saving the beaches most precious resource’ t-shirt sales in our Denver Co, Oklahoma City OK, Tulsa OK, and Wichita KS markets.  Way to GO!

So good job to the At The Beach Tanning Salons, all our tanned and sexy customers, and our buddies over at At The Beach Cares.  Thanks for caring and making a difference!

If you want to know more, check out the At The Beach Cares blog.  There is a link up near the top of the page on the left.  No, your other left.  That’s it!  You can also check out a press release about this here.